Potential Application for Furfuryl Alcohol

Available in Natural & Kosher

Furfuryl alcohol is not characterizing when used alone, but does find beneficial applications when used in combination with other compounds to add dimension to bread and bread crust flavors, yeast flavors, caramel, brown sugar, toffee, coffee and cocoa flavors. It could be used to add over ripe nuances to apple, banana and cherry fruit flavors. It would blend well with fusel oil for whiskey and rum applications and will add an astringent brown nuance to various nut and malt flavors. It will enhance the musty brown top notes of tobacco flavors.


Key Organoleptic Characteristics   Brown, earthy, bready grain, whiskey and coffee
Potential Applications Coffee, grain, caramel, bread, fruit nuances, whiskey, tobacco and nut flavors
Natural Occurrence Burley tobacco, cocoa, coffee, roasted almonds, roasted barley, tea and whiskey
Aroma Characteristics @100%. Brown, bready, stale grainy, with leathery and over ripe fruity nuances
Taste Characteristics @10-30 ppm. Brown, earthy, smoky, coffee, cocoa, whiskey with leathery and bitter astringent after notes
Product Number W249166