Potential Application for Furfuryl Mercaptan, Natural, FG

Available in Kosher

The main application for this ingredient is in roasted coffee, but at levels of 5 ppb or below. The roasted beefy notes are evident at higher levels and the savory roasted onion and garlic notes would find application in soups or gravies.


Key Organoleptic Characteristics   Roasted beef and onion, roast coffee, slight vegetative corn notes
Potential Applications Roasted coffee applications, roasted beef flavors
Natural Occurrence Cooked beef, chicken and pork, coffee, popcorn
Aroma Characteristics @0.10% Ethanol. Sulfurous, savory meaty, roasted beef and chicken, roasted coffee nuances that increase over time, eggy and somewhat roasted alliaceous.
Taste Characteristics @<0.01ppm. Savory roasted meaty beef-like with roasted alliaceous and vegetative notes of corn, sesame, coffee.
Product Number W249311