Potential Application for Vanillyl Butyl Ether

Available in Natural (US) & Kosher

Vanillyl butyl ether is useful in preparing Jamaican ginger beer flavors where the ginger after taste heat is a must. It could also be used for alcohol flavors where the throat burn would be useful.


Key Organoleptic Characteristics   Sweet, vanillin, creamy with a pronounced tongue bite and lingering peppery burn
Potential Applications Pepper additives; confections and chewing gum flavors for trigeminal effects; ginger spice blends
Natural Occurrence Not yet found in nature
Aroma Characteristics @10 % in ethanol. Heavy, sweet, creamy vanillin, with a slight spicy coumarin like nuance
Taste Characteristics @10-15 ppm. Initially creamy vanillin and coumarin-like, then there is a perceived tongue bite followed by an interesting and lingering peppery burn
Product Number W379601