Potential Application for γ-Methyl Decalactone

Available in Synthetic & Kosher

Gamma-Methyl decalactone has a dairy, creamy fatty, theater type popcorn butter character similar to myristic acid. It would also be useful in perfumery and soap fragrance applications.


Key Organoleptic Characteristics   Waxy, creamy, oily with italian cheese rind nuances
Potential Applications Italian cheese rinds, creamy, dairy, waxy notes; coconut, oily ghee and caramellic nuances
Natural Occurrence Not yet found in nature
Aroma Characteristics @1.0% in ethanol. Waxy, creamy, rich fatty with buttery dairy nuances
Taste Characteristics @10 ppm. Waxy, lactonic, creamy, sweet, fermented and dairy-like
Product Number W378621