Potential Application for γ-Nonanoic Lactone

Available in Natural & Kosher

Gamma-Nonanoic lactone (aldehyde C18) has traditionally worked well in many fruit complexes such as strawberry, creamy orange, peach and apricot. It also finds use in butter, butterscotch, condensed milk, sour cream, whipped toppings, vanilla custard and various nut flavors including walnut and macadamia.


Key Organoleptic Characteristics   Lactonic, tropical coconut with a coumaric nuance
Potential Applications Coconut, vanilla creams, dairy cream and condensed milk; caramel and butterscotch; creamy fruity nuances for peach and apricot
Natural Occurrence Apricot, wheat bread, champaca concrete, crispbread, black currant, ham, osmanthus absolute, papaya, peach, pineapple, plum, heated sugar, black tea, green tea with jasmine, wine
Aroma Characteristics @1.0% in ethanol. Rich, creamy coconut, coumarinic, creamy dairy with fruity apricot and peach nuances
Taste Characteristics @5-10 ppm. Sweet creamy coconut, slightly waxy vanilla and lactonic with caramellic butterscotch and fruity peach nuances
Product Number W278140