A Versatile Method for Suzuki Cross-Coupling Reactions of Nitrogen Heterocycles

Reaction Scheme





In air, Pd(OAc)2 (9.0 mg, 0.040 mmol), PCy3 (22.4 mg, 0.080 mmol), and K3PO4�H2O (276 mg, 1.20 mmol) are added to a reaction vessel equipped with a stir bar. The vessel is sealed with a septum and purged with argon for 15 min. The trialkylborane (1.2 mmol; 0.50 M solution in THF) and then the alkyl bromide (1.0 mmol) are added by syringe. The resulting heterogeneous reaction mixture is stirred vigorously at room temperature for 16 � 24 h. At the conclusion of the reaction, the mixture is diluted with Et2O, filtered through silica gel with copious washings (Et2O), concentrated, and then purified by flash column chromatography.



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