A Review of the F&F Industry in 2017 - Trends, Regulations, and Transparency

It has been a busy year for the F&F Industry with focus on new consumer trends, the continued need for transparency and the evolving regulatory landscape. Enjoy our article which gives you a snapshot of a few key activities that influenced the industry this year.

Consumers continue to be more adventurous and seek flavors that are new for them to try. They are inspired by global cuisine and wanting to experiment with tastes. They look for unique combinations of flavors to bring excitement to their food or beverage. Consumers are also intrigued with new scents used in personal care products, like sunscreens. Happi reviews how natural fruit essences motivated consumers to put their sunscreen on this summer. While consumers look for interesting flavors and scents, they also look for classic flavors that they find nostalgic. See the predictions made by New Food for which flavor trends to watch in 2017.  

New and interesting flavors or fragrances were not all that consumers were looking for in their products. The desire for more natural, clean label and fortified foods continues to be a focus for consumers. They are looking to get more out of their food and meet their ethical preference. There has been an increase in plant-based and animal free products, but consumers don’t want to sacrifice on great flavor. With this growing need, we launched a line of reaction flavors to help with the formulation of savory flavors consumers desire. Read also how savory is becoming the new sweet by Food Navigator.

Wellness is also playing a role in fragrances. Consumers are looking for personal care products that offer wellness benefits. The article by Beauty Packaging speaks to how Bath & Body Works applied this to their aromatherapy line of products. The fragrance industry is putting increased efforts into the research on how aroma could impact the health of consumers through the study of neuroscience. Read more about their efforts in this Perfumer & Flavorists article. We share this passion in the study of neuroscience and have a comprehensive offer to accelerate the research.

Transparency continued to be a hot topic in 2017. Additional companies joined SCJ by announcing that they will make further fragrance disclosures used in their personal care products. Happi reviews the ongoing and additional transparency commitments by SCJ, P&G, RB and Unilever. The flavor side of the business also recognizes that consumers are looking for more clarity on their labels in regards to topics such as natural, organic, vegan, non-GMO and free-from claims for their food and beverages. During this years Flavorcon event Jennifer Howell, Sr. Manager of Regulatory Affairs at FONA, gave an informative presentation on “Cleaning Up Flavors” where she spoke about the industry responsibility to be commutative and educate customers and to create trusted partnerships with suppliers to drive a higher level of transparency. 

The evolution of regulations continues and David Tonucci, Global Head Regulatory & Scientific Affairs at Tate and Lyle, told this years Flavorcon audience that the key drivers are consumer perception, social perception of risk and new technology. We take supporting regulations and our customers seriously. We have a dedicated regulatory team that closely watches the regional regulations. We contribute to the education of these changes through regular white papers and providing a regulatory matrix so our customers understand what they are getting with our ingredients.

It has been a busy year for the F&F industry and we look forward to what will come in 2018. Thank you for being a valued customer and continue to reach out to ff@sial.com with any questions or requests.