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The Alexanian group is working with Sigma-Aldrich to provide functionalized amides that enable a broad range of practical aliphatic C–H transformations. These reactions proceed in useful chemical yields with the substrate as limiting reagent under visible light or radical initiation. The C–H functionalizations occur with good levels of site selectivity, and a variety of common functionality is tolerated. The versatility of the functional groups introduced via these reactions unlocks a wide array of C–H transformations for organic synthesis.

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Czaplyski WL, Na CG, Alexanian EJ.
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2016-10-01
Intermolecular functionalizations of aliphatic C-H bonds offer unique strategies for the synthesis and late-stage derivatization of complex molecules, but the chemical space accessible remains limited. Herein, we report a transformation significantly expanding the chemotypes accessible via C-H functionalization. The C-H xanthyla...Read More
Ryan K Quinn, Zef A Könst, Sharon E Michalak, Yvonne Schmidt, Anne R Szklarski, Alex R Flores, Sangkil Nam, David A Horne, Christopher D Vanderwal, Erik J Alexanian
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2016-01-20
Methods for the practical, intermolecular functionalization of aliphatic C-H bonds remain a paramount goal of organic synthesis. Free radical alkane chlorination is an important industrial process for the production of small molecule chloroalkanes from simple hydrocarbons, yet applications to fine chemical synthesis are rare. He...Read More
Valerie A Schmidt, Ryan K Quinn, Andrew T Brusoe, Erik J Alexanian
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2014-10-15
Transformations that selectively functionalize aliphatic C-H bonds hold significant promise to streamline complex molecule synthesis. Despite the potential for site-selective C-H functionalization, few intermolecular processes of preparative value exist. Herein, we report an approach to unactivated, aliphatic C-H bromination usi...Read More