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The Wilson group use innovative synthetic methods to develop small molecule mimics and probes of biomacromolecule structure and function. A particular focus centers on the synthesis of non-natural amino acids (p-trifluoromethyldiazirine-phenylalanine and α-pentenyl-glycine).1,2 These reagents are used in cross-linking analysis of self-assembling peptides and to constrain peptides (so called “peptide-stapling”) for inhibition of protein-protein interactions.2,3 The group have developed and continue to develop a range of small molecules (accessible via solid-phase syntheses) to act as a-helix mimetics for inhibition of protein-protein interactions.3

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George W Preston, Sheena E Radford, Alison E Ashcroft, Andrew J Wilson
ACS Chemical Biology 2014-03-21
Photoinduced cross-linking (PIC) has become a powerful tool in chemical biology for the identification and mapping of stable or transient interactions between biomacromolecules and their (unknown) ligands...Read More
David J Yeo, Stuart L Warriner, Andrew J Wilson
Chemical Communications 2013-10-14
Alkenylglycine amino acids were assessed as potential candidates for hydrocarbon stapling and shown to be effective in stapling of the BID BH3 peptide ...Read More
Valeria Azzarito, Kérya Long, Natasha S Murphy, Andrew J Wilson
Nature Chemistry 2013-03-01
Inhibition of protein-protein interactions (PPIs) represents a significant challenge because it is unclear how they can be effectively and selectively targeted using small molecules. Achieving this goal is critical given the defining role of these interactions in biological processes...Read More


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