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The Sharpless Lab pursues useful new reactivity and general methods for selectively controlling chemical reactions. Though the focus has progressed from regio- to stereo- to asymmetric and, now, to connectivity control, the core chemistry remains unchanged: the oxidation of olefins, that single most versatile, powerful and reliable (KBS argues) chemical transformation. The Sharpless Lab was the first academic chemistry group with robotics, and the lesson from the combinatorial numbers game was the primacy of reliability. "Click" chemistry was the Sharpless Lab’s response: a set of powerful, virtually 100% reliable, selective reactions for the rapid synthesis of new compounds via heteroatom links (C-X-C). Click chemistry is integral now to all research within the Sharpless Lab..

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Jiajia Dong, Larissa Krasnova, M G Finn, K Barry Sharpless
Angewandte Chemie. International edition in English 2014-09-01
Aryl sulfonyl chlorides (e.g. Ts-Cl) are beloved of organic chemists as the most commonly used S(VI) electrophiles, and the parent sulfuryl chloride, O2 S(VI) Cl2 , has also been relied on to create sulfates and sulfamides...Read More
Jiajia Dong, K Barry Sharpless, Luke Kwisnek, James S Oakdale, Valery V Fokin
Angewandte Chemie. International edition in English 2014-09-01
High-molecular-weight polysulfates are readily formed from aromatic bis(silyl ethers) and bis(fluorosulfates) in the presence of a base catalyst. The reaction is fast and proceeds well under neat conditions or in solvents, such as dimethyl formamide or N-methylpyrrolidone, to provide the desired polymers in nearly quantitative yield...Read More