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Professor Bo Xu

The research of the Hammond-Xu Group is focused on the understanding of novel interactions between organic and organometallic compounds from the perspective of physical organic chemistry. The ultimate goal of enabling user-friendly synthesis of organic compounds is investigating innovative methods for the facile construction of organofluorine compounds, developing environmentally friendly catalysts, and adding promoters or additives for the construction of organic molecules. The group's international outreach targets natural products from Peruvian medicinal plants with activities against mental diseases, cancer and tropical infections.

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Deepika Malhotra, Mark S Mashuta, Gerald B Hammond, Bo Xu
Angewandte Chemie (International Edition) 2014-04-22
Gold catalysts capable of promoting reactions at low-level loadings under mild conditions are the exception rather than the norm. We examined reactions where the regeneration of cationic gold catalyst (e.g., protodeauration) was the turnover limiting stage. By manipulating electron density on the substituents around phosphorus a...Read More
Junbin Han, Naoto Shimizu, Zhichao Lu, Hideki Amii, Gerald B Hammond, Bo Xu
Organic Letters 2014-07-03
Brønsted or Lewis acid assisted activation of an imidogold precatalyst (L-Au-Pht, Pht = phthalimide) offers a superior way to generate cationic gold compared with the commonly used silver-based system. It is also broadly applicable for most common gold-catalyzed reactions. For reactions that require milder conditions, milder aci...Read More