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Professor Corey Stephenson

Research in the Stephenson lab focuses upon the development of new chemical methods which enable the activation of chemical bonds under mild reaction conditions. Specifically, they focus their efforts in three areas: (1) the development of new methods based upon visible light initiated electron transfer reactions; (2) applications of these methods to complex natural product synthesis and materials science; and (3) technology-enabled reaction discovery and catalysis.

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Joseph W Tucker, Yuan Zhang, Timothy F Jamison, Corey R J Stephenson
Angewandte Chemie. International edition in English 2012-04-23
John D Nguyen, Joseph W Tucker, Marlena D Konieczynska, Corey R J Stephenson
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2011-03-30
Atom transfer radical addition of haloalkanes and α-halocarbonyls to olefins is efficiently performed with the photocatalyst Ir[(dF(CF(3))ppy)(2)(dtbbpy)]PF(6). This protocol is characterized by excellent yields, mild conditions, low catalyst loading, and broad scope. In addition, the atom transfer protocol can be used to quickl...Read More