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Professor John Hartwig

Professor John Hartwig

Professor Hartwig's research focuses on the discovery and understanding of new reactions catalyzed by transition metal complexes.  He has played a major role in the discovery and development of a series of catalytic reactions, including the selective catalytic functionalization of alkanes and arenes with boron and silicon reagents, methods for formation of arylamines and aryl ethers from aryl halides or sulfonates, methods for the direct conversion of carbonyl compounds to a-aryl carbonyl derivatives, systems for the catalytic hydroaminations of alkenes, vinylarenes and dienes, and highly enantioselective and site-selective catalysts for the regio and enantioselective amination of allylic carbonates, and systems for the fluorination and fluoroalkylation of arenes. He has also developed nickel catalyst and ligands for palladium catalysts used in cross coupling.

Hartwig’s perfluoroalkylcopper reagents for the fluoroalkylation of aryl iodides and bromides, his Q-phos ligand for cross coupling, and his air-stable nickel precatalysts for the coupling of heteroaromatic reactants in Suzuki reactions are available from us.


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Hiroyuki Morimoto, Tetsu Tsubogo, Nichole D Litvinas, John F Hartwig
Angewandte Chemie. International edition in English 2011-04-11
Bijie Li, Matthias Driess, John F Hartwig
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2014-05-07
We report Ir-catalyzed intramolecular silylation of secondary alkyl C-H bonds. (Hydrido)silyl ethers, generated in situ by dehydrogenative coupling of a tertiary or conformationally restricted secondary alcohol with diethylsilane, undergo regioselective silylation at a secondary C-H bond γ to the hydroxyl group. Oxidation of the...Read More