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Professor Jinbo Hu

The major research interests of Prof. Jinbo Hu's lab include the development of new fluorination reagents and reactions, especially the difluoromethylation, difluoromethylenation, and monofluoromethylation methods. Over the past decade, his group has developed fluoroalkyl sulfones, sulfoximines, and silanes as powerful fluoroalkylating agents. Furthermore, they have also developed several user-friendly difluorocarbene reagents such as TMSCF3/NaI, TMSCF2Cl/Cl-, and TMSCF2Br/Br- systems. Currently, the Hu lab is also focusing on the development of new reagents and reactions for carbon-fluorine bond formation.

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Yanchuan Zhao, Weizhou Huang, Ji Zheng, Jinbo Hu
Organic Letters 2011-10-07
Since 1995, Me(3)SiCF(2)H has been widely believed to be an inefficient difluoromethylating agent, which requires harsh reaction conditions to cleave its rather inert Si-CF(2)H bond. However, it has now been found that, by using a proper Lewis base activator, Me(3)SiCF(2)H can efficiently difluoromethylate various aldehydes, ket...Read More
Hongchao Zheng, Sina Ghanbari, Shinji Nakamura, Dennis G Hall
Angewandte Chemie. International edition in English 2012-06-18
Mingyou Hu, Zhengbiao He, Bing Gao, Lingchun Li, Chuanfa Ni, Jinbo Hu
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2013-11-20
A novel Cu-catalyzed gem-difluoroolefination of diazo compounds is described. This transformation starts from readily available TMSCF3 and diazo compounds, via trifluoromethylation followed by C-F bond cleavage, to afford the desired 1,1-difluoroalkene products.Read More