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Professor Keiji Maruoka

Professor Keiji Maruoka and co-workers have developed a series of designer chiral phase-transfer catalysts that are useful for various asymmetric transformations including asymmetric alkylation, aldol reaction, Mannich reaction, conjugate addition, epoxidation, and Strecker reaction. In particular, “Maruoka Catalysts®” are useful for the large-scale production of various artificial amino acids through the asymmetric alkylation of glycine, alanine, and other peptide derivatives. Prof. Maruoka is also known for his work with the design of high-performance organocatalysts for efficient asymmetric catalysis. Some of these have been commercialized, including 3,3’-diaryl-substituted binaphthyldicarboxylic acids as chiral Brønsted acid catalysts.

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Seiji Shirakawa, Keiji Maruoka
Angewandte Chemie. International edition in English 2013-04-15
Phase-transfer catalysis has been recognized as a powerful method for establishing practical protocols for organic synthesis, because it offers several advantages, such as operational simplicity, mild reaction conditions, suitability for large-scale synthesis, and the environmentally benign nature of the reaction system. Since t...Read More