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Professor Nilay Hazari

A focus of research in the Hazari group is the development of Ni and Pd precatalysts for cross-coupling and related reactions. The goal is to develop general precatalyst scaffolds, which are compatible with a range of different ligands and can be efficiently converted to the active species under mild conditions. For example, the bench-stable dimeric precursor (Pd tBu-Ind Cl)2 can be rapidly reduced to highly active monoligated Pd(0) under conditions that are suitable for cross-coupling when combined with a variety of phosphine or NHC ligands. This compatibility of 805009 with both phosphine and NHC ligands is unusual. Catalysis can be performed either using isolated ligated precatalysts or complexes that are generated in situ from the dimeric precursor 805009. To date it has been demonstrated that precatalysts generated from 805009 are highly active for a range of different reactions including Suzuki-Miyaura and Buchwald-Hartwig couplings and α-arylation reactions.

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