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Andreas Pfaltz has a longstanding interest in the design of chiral ligands for asymmetric catalysis. The semicorrins developed in his group served as the prototype for an important family of nitrogen ligands, the bisoxazolines, which have found widespread use in catalytic asymmetric synthesis. His work on phosphinooxazolines, known as PHOX ligands, has led to numerous efficient chiral transition metal catalysts. Most noteworthy are iridium-PHOX and other N,P ligand complexes, which have greatly enhanced the scope of asymmetric hydrogenation. In contrast to rhodium- or ruthenium-diphosphine complexes, these iridium-based catalysts do not require a coordinating group next to the C=C bond and, therefore, perform well with a wide range of structurally diverse olefins. They have also been successfully used for the hydrogenation of imines and heterocycles such as furans and indoles.

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Adnan Ganić, Andreas Pfaltz
Chemistry: A European Journal 2012-05-29
David H Woodmansee, Andreas Pfaltz
Chemical Communications 2011-07-28
Asymmetric hydrogenation of olefins is one of the most important reactions for the synthesis of optically active compounds, especially in industry. Chiral iridium catalysts based on P,N ligands have strongly expanded their application range. In contrast to rhodium and ruthenium diphosphine complexes they do not require the prese...Read More
Stephen J Roseblade, Andreas Pfaltz
Accounts of Chemical Research 2007-12-01
Asymmetric hydrogenation is one of the most important catalytic methods for the preparation of optically active compounds. For a long time the range of olefins that could be hydrogenated with high enantiomeric excess was limited to substrates bearing a coordinating group next to the C+C bond. We have found a new class of catalys...Read More
Andreas Schumacher, Maurizio Bernasconi, Andreas Pfaltz
Angewandte Chemie. International edition in English 2013-07-15
Swapping N,P for C,N: Iridium complexes of bidentate pyridine-based C,N ligands with an N-heterocylic carbene (NHC) unit proved to be efficient and highly enantioselective hydrogenation catalysts. As a result of the lower acidity of iridium hydride intermediates produced from NHC-based complexes, these catalysts are much better ...Read More