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Professor Tobias Ritter

The Ritter lab currently focuses on fluorination chemistry for late-stage functionalization of complex natural and unnatural products.  PhenoFluorTM has been developed as a general reagent for the selective, predictable, direct deoxyfluorination of complex alcohols and phenols. The conceptual advantage of PhenoFluor, beyond its better safety profile, is manifested in its chemoselectivity, which results in the ability to selectively and predictably introduce fluorine also into complex small molecules with several hydroxyl groups.

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Jean Raynaud, Jessica Y Wu, Tobias Ritter
Angewandte Chemie. International edition in English 2012-11-19
Ironing rubber: Iminopyridine-based FeCl(2) catalysts catalyze the polymerization of 1,3-dienes and provide stereoselective access to elastomers such as polyisoprenes, polymyrcenes, and polyfarnesenes. The choice of ligand determines the double-bond geometry in the polymer repeating unit, which can be varied from trans/cis >99:...Read More
Pingping Tang, Weike Wang, Tobias Ritter
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2011-08-03
An operationally simple ipso fluorination of phenols with a new deoxyfluorination reagent is presented.Read More