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The Strauss group has been among the leaders in the synthesis and applications of new superweak anions for the past three decades. Superweak anions (a term coined by us in 1998 in connection with an ACS Symposium on weakly-coordinating anions), by definition, are the conjugate bases of the strongest possible (real or hypothetical) superacids, and they have been used to generate metal cations in condensed phases that are virtually as reactive as the corresponding gas-phase cations.

Using anions such as B12F122− we have prepared and studied nonclassical metal carbonyls such as Cu(CO)4+ and Ag(CO)2+, metal complexes of "noncoordinating" solvents such as Ag(CH2Cl2)3+, solid-state materials that are not microporous yet exhibit latent porosity, and lithium salts that catalyze carbon–carbon bond forming reactions in hydrocarbon solvents and show promise as thermally-stable alternatives to lithium-ion battery electrolytes such as LiPF6.

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Dmitry V Peryshkov, Alexey A Popov, Steven H Strauss
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2010-10-06
Structures of K(2)(H(2)O)(2)B(12)F(12) and K(2)(H(2)O)(4)B(12)F(12) were determined by X-ray diffraction. They contain [K(μ-H(2)O)(2)K](2+) and [(H(2)O)K(μ-H(2)O)(2)K(H(2)O)](2+) dimers, respectively, which interact with superweak B(12)F(12)(2-) anions via multiple K•••F(B) interactions and (O)H•••F(B) hydrogen bonds (the dimers...Read More
Scott A Shackelford, John L Belletire, Jerry A Boatz, Stefan Schneider, Amanda K Wheaton, Brett A Wight, Leslie M Hudgens, Herman L Ammon, Steven H Strauss
Organic Letters 2009-06-18
Ten new salts that pair triazolium and imidazolium cations with closo-icosahedral anions [B(12)H(12)](2-) and [CB(11)H(12)](-) were synthesized in water solvent using an open-air, benchtop method. These unreported [Heterocyclium](2)[B(12)H(12)] and [Heterocyclium][CB(11)H(12)] salts extend reports of [Imidazolium][CB(11)H(12)] a...Read More
Kelly Vining, Kyle R Pomraning, Larry J Wilhelm, Cathleen Ma, Matteo Pellegrini, Yanming Di, Todd C Mockler, Michael Freitag, Steven H Strauss
BMC Plant Biology 2013-01-01
Cytosine DNA methylation (5mC) is an epigenetic modification that is important to genome stability and regulation of gene expression. Perturbations of 5mC have been implicated as a cause of phenotypic variation among plants regenerated through in vitro culture systems. However, the pattern of change in 5mC and its functional rol...Read More