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The Blum Group is designing technology that accesses organoboron building blocks via unique bond disconnections and with high functional group tolerance. This includes bromides and esters that are incompatible with major competing methods. These heterocyclic organoboron building blocks provide rapid access for downstream functionalization.

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Joshua J Hirner, Darius J Faizi, Suzanne A Blum
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2014-03-26
For nearly 70 years, the addition of boron-X σ bonds to carbon-carbon multiple bonds has been employed in the preparation of organoboron reagents. However, the significantly higher strength of boron-oxygen bonds has thus far precluded their activation for addition, preventing a direct route to access a potentially valuable class...Read More
Eugene Chong, Suzanne A Blum
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2015-08-19
This communication demonstrates the first catalytic aminoboration of C-C π bonds by B-N σ bonds and its application to the synthesis of 3-borylated indoles. The regiochemistry and broad functional group compatibility of this addition reaction enable substitution patterns that are incompatible with major competing technologies. T...Read More