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The main focus of research in the Birman group is on the de novo design of asymmetric catalysts and reagents. As part of this effort, they have developed Amidine-Based Catalysts, or ABCs, and demonstrated their high enantioselectivity in many asymmetric acyl transfer reactions. The versatility, accessibility, and ease of structural modification of ABCs have attracted the interest of a number of other research groups worldwide, which has led to further expansion of their synthetic utility.

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Xing Yang, Valentina D Bumbu, Peng Liu, Ximin Li, Hui Jiang, Eric W Uffman, Lei Guo, Wei Zhang, Xuntian Jiang, K N Houk, Vladimir B Birman
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2012-10-24
In contrast to alcohols and amines, racemic lactams and thiolactams cannot be resolved directly via enzymatic acylation or classical resolution. Asymmetric N-acylation promoted by amidine-based catalysts, particularly Cl-PIQ 2 and BTM 3, provides a convenient method for the kinetic resolution of these valuable compounds and ofte...Read More
Ximin Li, Hui Jiang, Eric W Uffman, Lei Guo, Yuhua Zhang, Xing Yang, Vladimir B Birman
Journal of Organic Chemistry 2012-02-17
Kinetic resolution of racemic alcohols has been traditionally achieved via enzymatic enantioselective esterification and ester hydrolysis. However, there has long been considerable interest in devising nonenzymatic alternative methods for this transformation. Amidine-based catalysts (ABCs), a new class of enantioselective acyl t...Read More
Xing Yang, Vladimir B Birman
Chemistry: A European Journal 2011-09-26
A new method for catalytic nonenzymatic kinetic resolution of α-substituted alkanoic acids has been developed, which relies on their activation with DCC followed by enantioselective alcoholysis of the intermediate symm-anhydrides in the presence of the amidine-based catalyst homobenzotetramisole (HBTM). Moderate to excellent sel...Read More