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Professor Hisashi Yamamoto

The Yamamoto group has employed several applications in catalysis. The list of methodologies include Lewis and Brønsted acid catalysis, chiral Lewis acid catalysis, combined acid catalysis, asymmetric oxidation using V, Zr, Hf catalysts, super silyl chemistry to construct polyketide structures in a single pot, squalic acid catalysis, organoaluminum catalysis, and the development of amidation and esterification catalysts.

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Brian J Albert, Yousuke Yamaoka, Hisashi Yamamoto
Angewandte Chemie. International edition in English 2011-03-07
Zhi Li, Hisashi Yamamoto
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2010-06-16
In this report, zirconium(IV)- and hafnium(IV)-bishydroxamic acid complexes were utilized in the highly enantioselective epoxidation of homoallylic alcohols and bishomoallylic alcohols, which used to be quite difficult substrates for other types of asymmetric epoxidation reactions. The performance of the catalyst was improved by...Read More
Pingfan Li, Hisashi Yamamoto
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2009-11-25
Lewis acid catalyzed inverse-electron-demand Diels-Alder reaction of tropone derivatives was developed. Up to 97% ee was obtained for the chiral dinucleus BINOL-aluminum complex catalyzed reaction between tropones and ketene diethyl acetal to give bicyclo[3.2.2] ring structures, which opens up a unique way of making chiral seven...Read More