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Professor Jianrong (Steve) Zhou

Prof. Zhou's research group in Singapore is mainly interested in developing late metal-catalyzed reactions for fundamental C-C bond formation.  Recently, they have solved several problems in palladium catalysis, including; asymmetric enolate arylations for construction of tertiary centers, asymmetric Heck reaction of unconventional carbon electrophiles, and regioselective Heck reaction of aliphatic and aromatic olefins.

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Yinjun Zou, Liena Qin, Xinfeng Ren, Yunpeng Lu, Yongxin Li, Jianrong Steve Zhou
Chemistry: A European Journal 2013-03-04
In intermolecular Heck reactions of styrene and vinylarenes, the aryl and vinyl groups routinely insert at the β position. However, selective insertion at the α position has been very rare. Herein, we provide a missing piece in the palette of Heck reaction, which gave >20:1 α selectivity. The key to our success is a new ferrocen...Read More
Liena Qin, Xinfeng Ren, Yunpeng Lu, Yongxin Li, Jianrong Zhou
Angewandte Chemie. International edition in English 2012-06-11