The Making of Redi-Dri™ Products and Quality Commitment

The Making of the Redi-Dri Product Line

Choosing the Best Material

The Redi-Dri product line utilizes the freshest, highest quality material that meets the desired quality specifications. Such technical evaluation ensures the best opportunity for long-term, free-flowing product within our innovative packaging system.

Preparing the Material in the Best Environment

Redi-Dri material is prepared and packaged using specialized equipment under environmental conditions specifically designed to promote product usability.

Packaging Innovation

The Redi-Dri packaging system essentially provides a "desiccator" in every bottle and limits the environmental effects that moisture can have on product quality.

Redi-Dri Quality Guarantee

The Redi-Dri Quality Commitment

The Redi-Dri product line meets all reported quality specifications and grades, while delivering the additional advantage of a free-flowing, usable material (most notably hygroscopic salts and buffers).

Redi-Dri products do not contain chemical additives, anti-clumping agents, or hydrophobic compounds. It utilizes a proprietary packaging solution that does NOT negatively affect the product quality.

During research and development, the Redi-Dri innovation team tested the quality specifications of material in the Redi-Dri packaging system against material stored in normal packaging. In all test cases, the Redi-Dri material was stored in a controlled environment with high humidity (85+/-5%) for over 18-months.

Upon analytical assay, after the 18-months of storage, all products were verified against applicable quality specifications and found to meet their respective qualifications. Additionally, Redi-Dri materials were tested for solubility and trace metal content by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS). When compared to control samples, no notable or unexpected differences were recorded.

Overall, the product quality you expect from Sigma-Aldrich is not affected by the Redi-Dri packaging system.