Enjoy the Free-flowing Experience - Redi-Dri™

What is the most frustrating moment you have experienced in the lab? Inadequate chemicals for the reaction? Or rock-solid material as you open your bottle when you only need a small amount? If you have ever experienced these issues, we have your solution - Redi-Dri!

Redi-Dri is an innovative packaging product line that helps eliminate clumping material by adding extra packaging process steps without adding any chemical additives, anti-clumping agents, or hydrophobic compounds. Now you can enjoy free-flowing material without any worries. This is absolutely one of our successes, and we are excited to offer you such a highly efficient and cost-saving solution.

We Choose the Best Material

The Redi-Dri product line utilizes the freshest, highest quality of material that meets the desired specifications. Such technical evaluation ensures the best opportunity for free-flowing products within our innovative packaging system.

Preparing the Material in the Best Environment

Redi-Dri material is prepared and packaged using specialized equipment under environmental conditions specifically designed to promote product usability and high quality of products.

Packaging Innovation

The Redi-Dri packaging system essentially provides a "desiccator" in every bottle and limits the environmental effects that moisture can have on product quality.