Catalysis for Innovative Solutions

SAFC® and CatScI's dynamic partnership enables clients to benefit from a single source for high-quality, high-value fundamental research, development, scale-up and manufacturing. By offering additional process development resources to screen projects, customers can more quickly and efficiently maximize catalyst reactions using the appropriate ligands, solvents and science.

Economic and Effective Solutions

Support from Discovery to Commercialization


  • Over 25 years expertise in process development, scale-up and manufacture of high value products
  • Complete pipeline partner for contract manufacturing of complex small-molecule APIs and biologic drug substances
  • Custom solution provider with full flexibility in production scale and secured supply chain

CatScI Ltd.

  • Differentiated technology platform underpinned by expertise in reaction profiling and kinetics, proprietary chemical space mapping, experimental design and analytical excellence
  • Tailor made solutions for challenging synthetic chemistry provided in a cost- and timeefficient manner
  • Expertise in both chemo- and bio-catalysis for the suggestion, screening, selection, process development and optimization of reactions and processes
  • Metal recycle, removal and recovery including waste stream treatment

Making Catalysis Work for Process Improvement

  • Reaction understanding and enabling chemistry
  • Exploitation of biocatalysis
    - enzyme screening and scale-up
    - new opportunities and green chemistry
  • New and improved homogeneous catalysis
    - directed ligand selection and substitution
    - problematic, emerging and enantioselective reactions
  • Optimal heterogeneous
    - catalysis selection and testing
    - process optimization and scale-up
  • Powerful mapping technology for rational solvent choice

Economic and Effective Solutions

  • Single source for seamless process scale-up, from discovery to commercial
  • Unlimited access to high quality data, including profiling for all reactions
  • Reduced drug development costs and time by using cheaper, better-suited reagents and solvents
  • Elimination of expensive catalysts and ligands
  • Improved conversions, reducing impurities and maximizing yield
  • New synthetic routes and enabling chemistry
  • Sustainability and green chemistry