IVD Manufacturing Risk Mitigation Workshop

Develop your diagnostic risk mitigation strategy with our experts

Invest in your future product security and mitigate risk in IVD development and manufacturing.

Is your answer "No" for any of the following questions?

  • Do you have change control notification for your critical raw materials?
  • Do your suppliers have compliant quality management systems?
  • Are you aware of your suppliers’ quality policies?
  • Can your suppliers provide manufacturing and supply chain records?
  • Can you validate your suppliers' testing of raw materials?
  • Are you and your suppliers prepared for unannounced audits?
  • Are you confident that your suppliers' raw materials will perform consistently?

We can help you change from "No" to "Yes". Our Risk Mitigation Workshop covers:

  • Industry regulations
  • Defining supply chain controls
  • Common risk factors in a supply chain
  • Risk mitigation strategies
  • Prioritizing your list of critical raw materials

We bring our experts to you.

  • Quality Services ‒ answer questions about supply chain and the quality support offered by our production facilities.
  • Global Marketing Managers ‒ understand market drivers and help your team understand market influences on your supply chain.
  • Regional Sales Leaders ‒ provide perspective and guidance from their years of experience in the industry.

Critical raw materials such as antibodies, buffers, biocides, enzymes and substrates have the potential to affect the performance of IVD assays. We have an extensive portfolio of products classfied by quality level under our EQP that are designed to support IVD manufacturers. These products include parameters designed to reduce risk in your supply chain and to comply with current and future regulations.