Complete Solutions for PCR Assay Development

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Products for your PCR workflow

We offer a wide variety of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) reagents, kits and tools to meet your experimental needs at any stage of development or manufacturing. Our products vary from routine to enhanced, so that you find the level of fidelity, speed, and accuracy you need for every PCR assay.

Steps in the PCR Assay Workflow

Steps in the PCR Assay Workflow


Sample Collection & Stabilization | Nucleic Acid Extraction & Purification | Amplification | Post-PCR Clean Up

PCR Product Selection Guides, Tools & Resources

Sample Collection & Stabilization

We offer a wide range of collection systems to help you safely store, transport and preserve your samples no matter what source they originate from.

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Nucleic Acid Extraction & Purification

Extract DNA and/or RNA from samples with your method of choice: lysis, organic solvents or column.

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Post-PCR Clean Up

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Quality Ancillary Reagents

Accelerate assay commercialization with the simplicity and convenience of one-stop shopping. To reduce risk of contamination and faulty PCR results, we offer high quality ancillary reagents.

Simplify PCR assay development and manufacture with a partner who understands the IVD market

Accelerate your time to market with our fit-for-use products which offer the quality, consistency and documentation necessary for every step of your IVD development and manufacturing process.

Proven expertise in PCR assay development

Leverage our extensive range of PCR products, from our novel KOD polymerase, REDTaq® DNA polymerase, PCR mixes and custom primers to PCR enhancers. Each component is thoroughly tested to ensure you achieve the best results possible in your PCR reactions. These high-quality products go hand in hand with our assay development knowledge, based on in-depth product development and manufacturing experience, and supported by IVD industry partnerships.

Discover the value of partnering from concept to clinic

Partner with us early in development to source raw materials aligned with your needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient transfer from R&D through to commercialization.

We offer:

  • Product selection assistance
  • Risk mitigation support
  • Clear quality and supply chain guidelines
  • A reliable and transparent global supply chain
  • Proactive forecasting
  • Superior documentation
  • Regulatory insight

Impact of early supplier involvement:

Impact of Early Supplier Involvement

Bulk and Custom Raw Materials & Contract (OEM) Manufacturing for PCR Assay Developers and Manufacturers

In addition to letting you design and order your custom DNA and RNA oligos and qPCR probes, we offer years of experience in critical and non-critical raw material manufacturing, supporting a full range of custom and contract manufacturing services for diagnostic manufacturers.

Let us partner with you from the development of the initial concept, through to scale up and final manufacturing. We ensure that you have quality products, at the optimal scale, at the right time, to aid your rapid commercialization.

Gain the flexibility to meet all your manufacturing needs:

  • Bulk configured reagents
  • Customized packaging and labeling
  • Custom reagent formulation
  • Custom QC and assay support

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