Filter Holder Selection Guide

Reusable filter holders are ideal for applications in which you wish to analyze the material collected on the filter, not just the filtrate. Furthermore, using filter holders in combination with membrane discs reduces the amount of plastic waste, chemical waste, and energy waste (compared to disposable filter apparatus). Just autoclave them if you need to perform aseptic filtration.

Use the selection table below to find the filter holder that fits your needs. Choose based on these criteria:

  • Filter holder material (glass, stainless steel, plastic)
  • Filter holder diameter
  • Pressure-driven filtration or vacuum-driven filtration

Select filter holders are now available on, and we are continuously adding more products.


Product No. Description Pack Size Add to Cart
Analytical Filter Holders
XF2004710 100 mL Filter Holder, 47 mm, stainless steel 1
XF2004725 250 mL Filter Holder, 47 mm, stainless steel 1
XX1002540 50 mL Filter Holder, 25 mm, stainless steel 1
Replacement Parts for XF2004710 and XF2004725
XF2004755 Stainless Steel Funnel, 100 mL 1
XF2004756 Stainless Steel Funnel, 250 mL 1
XF2004758 Stainless Steel Support Frit 1
XX1004703 Spring clamp, 47 mm, aluminum 1
XX1004708 No. 8 perforated stopper, silicone 5
Replacement Parts for XX1002540
XX1002503 Spring Clamp, 25 mm, aluminum 1
XX1002535 Gaskets, PTFE coated 10
XX1002542 Base Assembly for 25 mm filter holder 1
XX2004718 No. 8 stopper, 9.5 mm (3/8 in.) hole, silicone 5
XX5002501 Support Screen, 25 mm, stainless steel 1
*Base with Support Screen (5), Gasket (6) and Stopper (4)
SLFG02550 Millex-FG Filter Unit, 0.20 µm, hydrophobic PTFE, 25 mm 50  
XX1004705 Vacuum filtering flask, 1 L 1
XX1004744 Vaccum filtering flask, 4 L 1
XX7100004 Tubing, 3/16 in. ID x 140 cm, silicone 1