Amicon® Pro Purification System – Depletion Enrichment

Depletion with Concentration in One Step

Proteomic analysis requires depletion of overrepresented species to detect rarer biomarkers. Using albumin-binding resin with the Amicon® Pro system provides the perfect tool for rapid sample depletion. Following resin binding, attach the Amicon® Ultra filter before centrifugal passage of the unbound fraction for simultaneous sample depletion with concentration in one step.

Depletion and Enrichment Protocol Using the new Amicon® Pro Purification System

Complete IgG Depletion from Rabbit Serum Using Amicon® Pro (left) and Traditional (right) Depletion Methods

Complete IgG Depletion using the Amicon® Pro purification system
Lanes: 2-Serum, 3/6 - Flowthrough, 4/7 - Wash fraction, 5/8 - Eluted fraction

Compare the Amicon® Pro Workflow with Traditional Methods

Depletion 0.5 mL spin column + concentration device Amicon® Pro Purification System
Process time 125 minutes 95 minutes
Steps required 12 5
Sample transfers 1 0