Amicon® Pro Purification System – Protein Purification

The Amicon® Pro Purification System is an all-in-one centrifugal device for the protein purification workflow. Traditional protein purification is a long process with many steps and multiple tubes, often resulting in protein degradation and loss. Avoid the risks associated with sample transfer and reduce hands-on time when you bind, wash, elute and/or concentrate your protein in the all-in-one Amicon® Pro purification system. Regardless of your workflow, this virtually touchless device delivers consistent, accurate sample preparation, resulting in reliable recovery, uncompromised purity and easy data generation.

The Amicon® Pro Purification System Workflow

Bind, wash, elute and/or concentrate your protein in this all-in-one centrifugal device.

The Amicon® Pro Purification System Workflow

 Elute, Don't Dilute

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While three elution steps were required for the smaller spin columns (left), a single spin in the Amicon® Pro device was sufficient to recover > 90% of resin-bound protein in an average of 45 µL final volume*.

 Excellent Recovery, Regardless
 of Scale

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Protein recovered increases linearly with respect to packed resin volume, offering flexibility in experimental scale. Whether you are using a few microliters or a milliliter of resin, Amicon® Pro purification yields consistent recovery.

Compare the Amicon® Pro Workflow with Traditional Methods

  Purification with buffer exchange/concentration Purification only
  0.5 mL spin column + concentration device Amicon® Pro Purification System 0.5 mL gravity column Amicon® Pro Purification System
Process time 67 minutes 29 minutesa 125 minutesb 65 minutesa
Steps required 12 6 18 6
Sample transfers 1 0 3-8 (# of fractions collected) 0

a Process time excludes 60 minute incubation for both protocols.
b Gravity column process includes column setup, purification and assessment of eluted fractions.