Magnetic Beads – NHS & Carboxy FlexiBind Magnetic Beads

Active Chemistry Magnetic Beads

Tailor your beads to match your application. Working with recombinant proteins? Studying protein-protein interactions? Immobilizing enzymes, nucleic acids or small molecules? PureProteome™ NHS and Carboxy FlexiBind magnetic beads offer you flexibility in binding your target ligand Both magnetic beads bind ligands with free amine groups.

PureProteome™ Active Chemistry Bead Advantages

Tailor your beads to match your application.

  • Flexibility: Choose from a range of sizes and chemistries to fit your application
  • Speed: Get results faster
  • Cost Savings: Waste less sample and reagent

PureProteome™ NHS FlexiBind Magnetic Beads

  • Fast: Customize your own bead in < 60 min
  • Easy to Use: Kit contains everything you need: beads, all buffers and Amicon® Ultra centrifugal filters for eliminating unreacted species
  • Robust: Little experience or optimization required

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PureProteome™ Carboxy FlexiBind Magnetic Beads

  • Flexible: Choice of 0.3 μm, 1 μm or 2.5 μm COOH magnetic beads
  • Automation-Compatible: Smaller beads have higher buoyancy properties while retaining strong magnetic capability
  • Economical: Aggressive pricing

Custom/Bulk sizes available - contact us to obtain a quote.