Illuminate Your Research with Core-Shell Lumidots™

Material Matters Volume 3 Article 1

NEW! Core-shell fluorescent quantum dots with emission maxima spanning the entire visible spectrum.

Quantum dots are nanoscale colloidal semiconductors with bandgaps tunable by the size of the colloid. Manufactured by Nanoco Technologies Ltd., the new core-shell Lumidots™ have narrow size distributions and superb fluorescence characteristics. Lumidots are an ideal luminophor for your cutting-edge research, including opto-electronics, anti-counterfeit protection, next-generation solar cells, and biological imaging.

  • Narrow size distribution
  • Bright, narrow emission (Quantum Yield 30–50%, FWHM < 40 nm)
  • Core-shell structure for improved stability in applications
  • Supplied as convenient 2 mL and 10 mL solutions 5 mg/mL in toluene

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