Ultra Pure Metal Oxides for High Technology Applications

Material Matters Volume 4 Article 2

Our manufacturing facility in Urbana, Illinois, USA is a Materials Chemistry Center of Excellence for the production of very high purity oxides used in a wide variety of applications ranging from high technology to ceramics to dental. Ultra-pure oxides are provided for numerous elements including alkaline earth, transition and rare earth metals. Our capabilities include several specialized synthesis and purification techniques, resulting in our ability to consistently supply oxides of trace metal purities ranging from 3N (99.9%) to 5N (99.999%). Several of our ultra-pure oxide products are offered in discrete particle size ranges for custom applications.

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Cat. No. Material Purity
394394 Samarium (III) oxide 99.999%
204951 Zinc oxide 99.999%
202975 Zinc oxide 99.995%
450804 Copper (II) oxide 99.995%
590509 Terbium (III) oxide 99.99%
463744 Vanadium (III) oxide 99.99%
554847 Barium oxide 99.99%
675644 Chromium (VI) oxide 99.99%
566284 Copper (I) oxide 99.99%
203238 Erbium (III) oxide 99.99%
215066 Gallium (III) oxide 99.99%
518158 Iron (II/III) oxide 99.99%
203815 Iron (II/III) oxide 99.99%
203394 Hafnium oxide 99.95%
415138 Strontium oxide 99.9%

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