Functional, Stereochemically Pure Monomer for ROMP Polymerization

By: Joe Porwoll, Material Matters 2010, 5.1, 1.

Material Matters 2010, 5.1, 1.

Joe Porwoll, President
Aldrich Chemical Co., Inc.

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Professor Karen Wooley of Texas – A&M University kindly suggested that we offer the exo-5-Norbornene-carboxylic acid (Aldrich Prod. No. 718149) as a product in our catalog. This compound is a functional, stereochemically pure monomer used in ring opening metathesis polymerization (ROMP) synthesis of well-defined polymer materials. The pure exo- monomer shows faster reaction times,1 higher conversion ratios, and better control of ROMP synthesis2 compared to the racemic analog. The carboxylic acid serves as a versatile handle that can be used to prepare a variety of polymers (e.g., glycopolymers) for biomedical applications.3-5

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