Alternative Culture Media Methods

Alternative and Rapid Culture Media Methods

MC-Media Pads®Our range of rapid culture media plates are an efficient method for the detection and enumeration of microorganisms including quality indicators, pathogens and spoilage organisms. Validated by AOAC/MicroVal, these methods give a clear read-out and our SimPlate® solutions are particularly effective when working with difficult matrices.

These tests are available for Enterobacteriaceae, Total Plate Counts, Coliforms & E. coli, Yeasts & Molds, Campylobacter and Staphylococcus aureus.

Watch our webinar to learn why convenient media solutions are an alternative to traditional methods and how they can improve your workflow.

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Convenient and ready-to-use media solution: The color-coded MC-Media Pad®

The MC-Media Pad® is designed for convenient and rapid indicator organism testing of your food and beverage products. The pads are coated with growth media and chromogenic substrates for specific detection, allowing faster results and improved read-outs. Read in our Application Note, how to handle difficult to test matrices with MC-Media Pad®.  

MC-Media Pad®When the sample is applied the liquid spreads evenly and automatically on the pad by capillary action. No additional working steps are required, improving workflow and reducing the risk of contamination. The transparent cover film can be easily opened and closed with one hand, and the color coding ensures that you can always pick the right one at a glance.  

  • Compliant with international food and beverage regulations
  • Easy to use — fewer handling steps than traditional methods
  • Reduce waste and save space
  • Reliable and fast results

The MC-Media Pad® complies with international standards (AOAC-PTM/ISO 16140/MicroVal) and are quality controlled with strain selection according to ISO 11133:2014. Download our Validation Summary for further information. MC-Media Pad® is available for the detection of E. coli, Yeast and Mold, coliforms, Staphylococcus aureus, or total aerobic microbial contamination.

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Rapid Media Solutions for Special Matrices: SimPlate® Test

SimPlate® TestFor complex matrices, testing can be simple using the SimPlate® test, which provides rapid, easy-to-interpret results, even with food and environmental matrices that are challenging for other rapid methods.

  • Rapid Enumeration: our Binary Detection Technology® represents the latest technological advancement in counting techniques for the food industry.
  • Easy-to-Read Results: positive and negative counts are read visually, without the need for subjective interpretation, giving consistent and reproducible results.
  • Reduced Testing Costs: validated to provide equivalent results with just a single plate. Combining this with SimPlate® test’s larger counting range reduces the number of dilutions and reruns due to TNTC results.

SimPlate® tests have been validated by international standards (AOAC/MicroVal) and are available for:

  • Enterobacteriaceae
  • Total Plate Counts
  • Coliforms & E. coli
  • Yeasts & Molds
  • Campylobacter

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