Convenient Media Solutions for Food and Water Testing

Convenient Media Solutions

With the industry frequently facing new guidelines, staying up-to-date with regulatory requirements becomes more and more challenging. The latest and most important change is the new EN ISO 11133:2014 – a quality standard for the preparation and quality control of culture media used for food and water testing. Using MilliporeSigma culture media can ease your compliance worries and keep you one step ahead in the microbial testing process.

Ready-to-Use Media for Food Microbiological Testing

Prepared Media for Guaranteed Compliance

ReadyPlate™ agar plates

For isolation and enumeration of pathogens and indicator organisms, our ReadyPlate™ pre-prepared agar plates are certified to be fully compliant with EN ISO 11133:2014, as well as with individual standards, and are quality controlled by ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited laboratories. Each plate is provided with a label including a data matrix code for paperless plate identification.

  • Easy visibility of compliance on product label and Certificate of Analysis
  • No time-consuming preparation
  • High reproducibility with low error rate
  • Long shelf life: 4-6 months
  • Released through ISO 17025 accredited QC lab for reduced incoming quality control tests


ReadyPlate agar plates

Our range includes:

  • ReadyPlate™ (90 mm plates) e.g. XLD agar, MYP, BPA, PEMBA etc.
  • ReadyPlate™ CHROM (90 mm plates) Chromogenic media e.g. CCA, TBX and Listeria Agar
  • ReadyPlate™ CT (55 mm plates) e.g. VRBG, DG 18

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ReadyTube® media

Discover ready-to-use media in tubes and bottles for isolation, enumeration or enrichment of microorganisms in food. Our ReadyTube® bottles and tubes are fully compliant with EN ISO 11133:2014 and as well as with individual standards, and are quality controlled by ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited laboratories to ensure compliance.

Our clear naming convention where the number indicates the volume in mL of media contained in each bottle or tube (e.g. ReadyTube® 200 media for each bottle in the p ack contains 200 mL of media) makes it simple.

  • Easy visibility of compliance on product label and Certificate of Analysis
  • Safe testing with maximum convenience
  • No time-consuming preparation
  • High reproducibility with a low error rate
  • Long shelf life of 6-12 months
  • Released through ISO 17025 accredited QC lab for reduced incoming quality control tests

Ready-to-Use Media for Microbiological Testing of Liquid Samples

Small but Mighty

Great convenience on a small scale with ReadyPlate™ 55 plates and the ReadyPlate™ 55 KIT

Microbiological testing of filterable samples is an important part of the QC workflow in the beverage and drinking water industry; it only takes a single microorganism to cause contamination in production that could lead to product recall and brand damage.

The new compact ready-to-use ReadyPlate™ 55 agar plate frees up valuable incubator and storage space while also reducing waste. When used in combination with EZ-Pak® membranes, perfect contact between the media and membrane filter is guaranteed, giving highly accurate and quantitative results.

The plates are filled to the top for convenient handling, allowing easy manipulation of the membrane filter to reduce the risk of handling mistakes and false positive results. In addition, the lockable and stackable design means that cross contamination is nearly impossible.

  • Easy, reproducible membrane filter placement as a result of the high-level filling of the agar plate.
  • Intelligent design for better stacking and safer transport.
  • Enhanced flexibility through storage at room temperature long shelf life (6-9 months).
  • Compliant with EN ISO 11133:2014 and individual media standards.
  • Released through ISO 17025 accredited QC lab for reduced incoming quality control tests.
  • Streamline your bioburden workflow by using ReadyPlate™ 55 in combination with EZ Family

Convenient and Rapid Microbiological Testing

Color-Coded MC-Media Pads

Pick the right one at a glance

The MC-Media Pad is designed for convenient and rapid indicator organism testing of your food and beverage products. The pads are coated with a growth medium and chromogenic substrates for specific detection allowing faster results and improved read-outs.

When the sample is applied the liquid spreads evenly on the pad by capillary action. No additional working steps are required, improving the workflow and reducing the risk of contamination. The transparent cover film can be easily opened and closed with one hand, and the color coding ensures that you can always pick the right one at a glance.

  • Compliant with international food & beverage regulations
  • Reduce waste and save space
  • Reliable and fast results
  • Easy to use—fewer handling steps than traditional methods

MC-Media Pad

MC-Media Pads comply with international standards (AOAC-PTM/Microval) and are quality controlled with strain selection according to ISO 11133.

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Solutions for Special Matrices

SimPlate® test

Even for very complex matrices, testing can be simple using SimPlate® test, which provides rapid, easy to interpret results even with food and environmental matrices that are challenging for other rapid methods.

Rapid Enumeration: Our proprietary Binary Detection Technology® represents the latest technological advancement in counting techniques for the food industry.

Easy-to-Read Results: Positive and negative counts are read visually, without the need for subjective interpretation, which provides consistency across users, for reproducible results.

Reduced Testing Costs: Validated to provide equivalent results with just a single plate without the need for duplication. Combining this with the reduction of necessary sample dilutions — made possible by the broad counting range of the plate (1-738) — reduces the number of tests required for each sample.


SimPlate test

SimPlate® tests have been validated by international standards (AOAC/MicroVal) and are available for:

  • Enterobacteriaceae
  • Total Plate Counts
  • Coliforms & E. coli
  • Yeasts & Molds
  • Campylobacter

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Globally Accredited Alternative Methods

ReadyCult® media—E. coli/Coliform and Enterococci Tests for Drinking Water

A better way to test for the presence or absence of enterococci and coliform bacteria, including a positive confirmation of E. coli. EPA approved, the ReadyCult® test gives fast easy-to-read color change from yellow to bluegreen for a definitive positive result. In addition, with the optional 30-second Indole reaction you have an accurate method for positive confirmation of E. coli. The additional indole test protects you against false negatives, because a lack of fluorescence doesn't always indicate absence of E. coli and against false positives, because other species of bacteria can fluoresce.

  • Supplied in ready-to-use snap-pack format
  • No media preparation required
  • Simply add medium, incubate and read results
  • Results within 18 to 24 hours
  • Results 3-4 days earlier than with traditional methods
  • Hands-on time is less than 1 minute
  • Indole results confirm presence of E. coli within 30 seconds

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Coli Complete® disc
Coli Complete® discs are a patented substrate supporting disc method containing both XGAL and MUG designed to simultaneously detect total coliform bacteria and E. coli in food products.

Rapid Enumeration of Total Coliforms and E. coli
Coli Complete® discs provide confirmed quantitative E. coli results in as little as 28 hours, and confirmed total coliform results in 48 hours.

Simple to Use
Just add the Coli Complete® disc to Lauryl Sulfate Broth (LST) tubes at the time of inoculation, then incubate and read results. For quantitative results, use the Most Probable Number (MPN) format. No transfers are necessary.


Coli complete disc

Reduced Testing Costs
Simultaneous detection of both E. coli and total Coliforms from a single test. Results are confirmed and require no subculturing.

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Conveniently Compliant

We can help to guide you through the latest regulatory developments

In food, beverage, and municipal water industries, consumer safety is a major concern, and therefore increasingly stringent standards are required to avoid the potentially grave consequences of product contamination.

As a worldwide leading provider of industrial microbiology solutions, we can help to guide you through the latest regulations to give you that assurance you need.

Our laboratories which produce our ReadyPlate™, ReadyPlate™ 55 and ReadyTube® culture media have ISO/IEC-17025:2005 accreditation, issued by Germany’s national accreditation body, which is the international standard in testing and calibration for laboratory quality systems, and ensures full compliance of these products with the new mandatory standard ISO 11133:2014 concerning the preparation, production, storage and performance testing of culture media. ISO/IEC-17025:2005-certified culture media helps you to remain consistently compliant and accurate in your microbial testing of food and water samples.

Discover our full range of microbial testing solutions for your entire workflow, from sample preparation through to analysis, interpretation, and quality analysis.


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