EZ-Stream® Vacuum Pump for Membrane Filtration

The laboratory filtration pump that transfers filtered liquid directly to waste

The EZ-Stream® vacuum filtration pump is specifically designed for microbiology analysis. The compact design (w × l × h = 20 × 17 × 22 cm) makes the pump ideal for use on both the work bench or in a laminar flow hood, where its small footprint saves precious laboratory space.

The pump transfers your filtered sample directly to waste. Simply connect the pump to your vacuum manifold or filtration apparatus and place the discard tubing to drain and you are ready to filter. There is no need to use additional containers to capture the waste liquid. This brings a significant time saving versus traditional vacuum and pressure pumps or in-house vacuum, because the following steps are eliminated: disconnecting the waste containers, emptying liquid waste, cleaning/decontamination, re-installing the waste

: The EZ-Stream® vacuum filtration pump is designed for microbiology analysis and can directly discard filtered liquid waste. Vacuum filtration pump benefits:

  • direct transfer ensures no handling of liquid waste
  • high-performance flow rate
  • designed to minimize noise
  • compact size
  • maintenance-free technology