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Hygiene Monitoring Using MVP Icon

Optimize your hygiene testing process with the help of our experienced team. We can support for software installation, troubleshooting, database management. We provide on-site and on-line training including certification for lab operators. Our service centers ensure optimal performance of your MVP Icon instrument through maintenance and repairs. You can benefit from a back-up system during the service or you can go for our standard exchange program (SEP).

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Hygiene Monitoring Using MVP Icon


Pathogen Testing Using Assurance GDS Rotorgene,
Pipetmax and Gemini Systems

Get support for the fast implementation of a robust pathogen testing
program in your lab:
  • Feasibility study
  • Installation and software updates
  • Training services: initial operator training and refresher including certification, on-site and on-line
  • Instrument services: maintenance and repairs, extended warranty
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Hygiene Monitoring Using MVP Icon


Microbiological Beverage Services

Traditional Method Using EZ-Fit™

Optimize your Bioburden testing process with the help of one of our experienced application scientists. Particularly helpful when setting up new methods; we can troubleshoot any incompatibility issues to ensure optimal microbial recovery, whilst streamlining your workflow.

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Traditional Method Using EZ-Fit™


Benefit from Our Decades of Expertise in Both
Technology and Application

  • Feasibility Study: Verify the suitability of the platform
    for your application
  • Method Development Services: Ensure optimal microbial recovery and rapid detection
  • Installation Services: Full installation and comprehensive training for your lab
  • Service Plans: Ensure the continued performance and
    reliability of your system
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Milliflex® Quantum and Milliflex® Rapid


Environmental Monitoring Services

Safe and Reliable Air Monitoring Using MAS-100® and RCS®

Preventative maintenance ensures efficient operation of critical testing equipment. Every air sampler should be serviced regularly in order to stay within the initial specifications - for safe, accurate and dependable sampling. Rely on your pump and minimize the breakdown risk.

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Air Monitoring Using MAS-100® and RCS®


Hygiene Monitoring Using ATP Rapid Detection with HY-LiTE®

Thanks to their robustness and reliability HY-LiTE® instrum ents offer years of worry-free testing. However, just in case, our global repair center in the UK can calibrate and repair your HY-LiTE instrument to ensure or restore its optimal performance. Ensure the quality of your cleaning processes.

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Hygiene Monitoring Using ATP Rapid Detection with HY-LiTE®