Streamline Your Workflow - Optimize Your Hygiene Monitoring and Pathogen Testing Processes

Hygiene Monitoring Using MVP Icon

Optimize your hygiene testing process with the help of our experienced team. We can support for software installation, troubleshooting, database management. We provide on-site and on-line training including certification for lab operators. Our service centers ensure optimal performance of your MVP Icon instrument through maintenance and repairs. You can benefit from a back-up system during the service or you can go for our standard exchange program (SEP).

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Hygiene Monitoring Using MVP Icon

Pathogen Testing Using Assurance GDS
Rotorgene, Pipetmax and Gemini Systems

Get support for the fast implementation of a robust pathogen testing program in your lab:

  • Feasibility study
  • Installation and software updates
  • Training services: initial operator training and refresher including certification, on-site and on-line
  • Instrument services: maintenance and repairs, extended warranty

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Hygiene Monitoring Using MVP Icon