GranuCult™ Granulated Culture Media

GranuCult™ low-dust granules are a dehydrated culture media compliant with the new EN ISO 11133:2014 standards as well as other ISO standards and FDA-BAM/USDA-FSIS methods for testing food and water samples.

Superior flow and non-sticking properties prevent component separation and clumping resulting in easy, fast media preparation with high reproducibility.  Our granulated media are highly accurate, even under humid or warm conditions.  Components remain homogenous without lumps.  Additionally, handling and weighing is easier due to the product’s excellent free-flowing properties.

The granules minimize airborne particles for a safer work environment. Considerably less dust is produced when handling granulated media, reducing the dangers associated with fine dust and toxic substance inhalation significantly. As a result, the environment and working tools are less contaminated and fellow staff is protected against accidental pollution.