ISO 6579-1 for Salmonella Detection in the Food Chain

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published the new EN ISO 6579-1 standard in 2017, which specifies a horizontal method for the detection of Salmonella spp. in the food production chain.

Like the preceding ISO 6579:2002+Amd 1:2007, the latest ISO 6579-1:2017 covers the testing of products intended for human consumption, animal feeding and environmental samples in food production and handling.

In addition, EN ISO 6579-1:2017 now includes testing of milk and milk products as well as samples from the primary production stage, such as animal feces, dust and boot socks.

Procedure for Salmonella detection according to EN ISO 6579-1

Procedure steps for Salmonella detection according to new EN ISO 6579-1

EN ISO 6579-1 at a Glance

  • Part one (detection) of three-part EN ISO 6579 replaces EN ISO 6579:2004+Amd 1:2007
  • EN ISO 6785:2007 (dairy products) method details now incorporated
  • Samples from primary production stage added to scope
  • Incubation temperature range for non-selective media extended to 34° – 38°C
  • Choice of RVS or MSRV agar for selective enrichment of food, animal feed and environmental samples
  • Directions for choice of second isolation medium in addition to XLD agar
  • Only one suspect colony needed for confirmation (if negative, 4 more to be tested)
  • Optional: biochemical confirmation on well-isolated colony direct from selective plate
  • β-galactosidase and indole tests now optional, Voges-Proskauer reaction omitted
  • Detection of Salmonella Typhi and S. Paratyphi described • Performance testing for the culture media in-depth  

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Compliance to EN ISO 6579-1

We have implemented all the requirements described in EN ISO 6579-1. The following culture media and accessories described in ISO 6579-1 are available:  

Ordering Information

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GranuCult™ RVS (RAPPAPORT-VASSILIADIS-Soya) Broth (Base) acc. ISO 6579 500 g 1.07700.0500  
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