Microbial Air Monitoring

Air sampler for environmental monitoring in food and beverage industriesHygiene standards in a production environment are directly linked to the microbiological safety of the finished products, we therefore make sure that our active microbial air sampling solutions generate highly precise, reliable and reproducible results. We offer a comprehensive range of active and passive microbial air monitoring solutions for effective use in the food and beverage industry where regulations are on the rise, and standards become increasingly stringent.

Our air samplers are based on different principles, enabling selection of the technology to suit your needs. Our range includes MAS-100® air samplers which are based on the Anderson impaction principle that use settle plates or contact plates, as well as RCS® (Reuter Centrifugal Sampler) that use dedicated agar strips. There are product variants specifically designed for economical use in the food and beverage industries, for explosion hazard areas and for monitoring of compressed gases.

As a simple alternative we offer ready-to-use 90 mm settle plates for the detection of total bacterial count as well as yeasts and molds from the air. Our LI (long incubation) settle plates are single bagged and stored at room temperature.




Discover our air monitoring solutions:
RCS® High Flow Touch

RCS® High Flow Touch microbial air sampler

Hand-held Microbial Air Sampler


RCS® Compressed Gas Adapter

RCS® Compressed Gas Adapter

Autoclave-able adapter for RCS Air Samplers

HYCON® Agar Strips

HYCON® Agar Strips

Media for RCS® Microbial Air Samplers

MAS-100 Eco®

MAS-100 Eco® microbial air sampler

Small and lightweight microbial air sampler


MAS-100 CG® Ex

MAS-100 CG® Ex microbial air sampler

Compressed gas microbial air sampler


MAS-100 NT® Ex

MAS-100 NT® Ex microbial air sampler

Microbial air sampler for hazardous environments


LI Settle Plates

LI Settle Plates

For active and passive air monitoring