Microbial Air Samplers for Isolators in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The hygiene standard in a Pharmaceutical production environment is directly linked to the microbiological safety of the finished products. Make sure that your active microbial air sampling solutions generate precise, reliable and reproducible results. Our easy-to-use monitoring systems fully comply with international standards and regulations.


MAS-100 ISODesigned for simple and reliable microbial monitoring of ambient air and compressed gas in Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. Based on the Anderson impaction principle, air is aspirated through a perforated lid. The MAS®-100 instruments recommended for Pharmaceutical have a flow rate of 100 liters/min.

  • Precise, reproducible measurements and outstanding user flexibility
  • Excellent collection efficiency
  • Fully automatic calibration
  • Validation documents in accordance with ISO 14698 part 1 and part 2

Microbial Air Samplers for Isolators

The MAS-100® Iso series of integrated microbial air monitoring systems serve to sample and monitor isolators and restricted access barrier systems (RABS) for airborne organisms with the greatest accuracy. Use where production processes are subject to the most stringent requirements.

MAS-100 ISO MH® air sampler for isolators and RABS

The MAS-100 Iso MH® air sampler is used to control the microbiological contamination of the air in isolators. A unique security concept permits the installation of the sampling heads for standard 90–100 mm Petri dishes (link to ICR settle plates) at the critical control points. All electronic and moving parts are outside the critical zone. The MAS-100 Iso MH® has an additional internal pump with flow control for automatic disinfection of the sampling head and the aspiration tube.

  • An innovative double valve system enables the sampling heads to be integrated into the decontamination process of the isolator.
  • Each unit has both an air and a sterilization pump which work fully autonomously.
  • Built according to GAMP 5 and corresponds to the ISO 14698 standard.
  • Independently validated with ICR settle plates for physical and biological efficiency
  • Designed for the highest demands.

The MAS 100 MH can support up to 30 meters of tube from the control unit to each head and the control unit is IP 64 as standard.

All heads can be fitted with 4 or 5 inch opticap filters and a single 10 inch opticap filter can be fitted to the exhaust for added security.

MAS-100 Iso NT® microbial air sampler for aseptic production and sterility testing isolators

The MAS-100 Iso NT® air sampler is specifically designed for use in aseptic production and sterility testing isolators. The system operates with an integrated mass flow sensor to ensure the constant flow rate of 100 L/min and uses 90–100 mm Petri dishes (link to ICR settle plates). The sampling head is mounted inside the isolator, and all electronic and moving parts remain outside the critical zone.

  • Produced to GAMP 4 specifications and is compliant with ISO 14698 guidelines
  • Double valve system prevents contaminants from entering the isolator
  • Automatic in-line decontamination of the sampling head and aspiration tube
  • Ethernet, Profibus and 9 digital inputs/outputs
  • IP 54 and IP66 models available

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