Milliflex® Filtration Devices & Accessories

Disposable filtration units for contamination testing of water, in-process samples, and final products for use with the Milliflex® vacuum pump.

Milliflex® Filtration Units for touch-free transfer

Mfx filtration and AccessoriesFor a complete bioburden testing system sterile Milliflex® filter units. Combining the funnel with a gridded membrane filter in a single device makes your QC microbiology testing easy.

Maintain full compliance with worldwide pharmacopeias (European, US, Japan) by using in combination with the Milliflex vacuum pump, and our full range of long life media.

  • Touch-free membrane transfer reduces secondary contamination.
  • Faster filtration - almost twice the surface area of standard 47 mm membranes.
  • Easily detach the funnel from the membrane-containing part of the filter unit after filtration without any tools.
  • Consistent recovery — the convex shape of the membrane prevents air bubbles from being trapped when placed on culture media. More>>


MilliSnapAutomate Your Membrane Transfer with MilliSnap®

The MilliSnap® plug and play system is a hands-free device for automating the separation your Milliflex® funnel, and transferring the membrane to the prefilled Milliflex® cassettes, or to liquid media ampoules. Easy to clean, this compact device can also be used in laminar flow hoods and safety cabinets.



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