Milliflex® Plus Vacuum Pump

Streamline Your Bioburden Testing Workflow with the Milliflex® System

Mfx platform

The original touch-free membrane transfer method significantly reduces the risk of false positive results in due to secondary contamination. Perfect contact every time between the membrane and media removes the risk of false negative results due to wrinkles and bubbles.

  • Easy to use with preset methods for routine testing.
  • Consistent results with data tracking for report generation.
  • Suitable for high-throughput testing with the flexibility to connect up to 3 pumps for even faster filtration.
  • Touch-free membrane transfer reduces external contamination.
  • Autoclavable pump heads for simple sterilization.
  • Internal calibration program to ensure accuracy.

The Milliflex® vacuum pump along with our filtration funnels, provide an integrated solution for microbial limit testing to help you stay compliant.



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