Portable Microbial Air Samplers

MAS-100 NT® and MAS-100 NT Ex® portable air samplers for cleanrooms and critical environments

The MAS-100 NT® and MAS-100 NT Ex® portable microbial air samplers are the industry standard for use in cleanrooms and critical environments. The MAS-100 NT® and MAS-100 NT Ex® systems have high collection efficiency for precise and reproducible measurements.

  • The first microbial air sampling systems with automated calibration
  • Built-in air flow compensation
  • Compatible with standard 90 mm Petri dishes (link to ICR settle plates) and 55-60 mm contact plates (link to ICR contact plates)
  • Fully validated with ICR settle plates according to ISO 14698

The MAS-100 NT Ex® shares all of the same functions of the MAS-100 NT® sampler but is specially designed for use in explosion proof areas. The MAS-100 NT Ex® system has received ATEX Conformity and can be used in zone 2 and gas groups IIA, IIB and IIC in temperature classes T1 to T4.

MAS-100 NT® microbial air sampler with air outlet particle filter for ultra-sensitive areas and cleanrooms

Air sampler for environmental monitoring in GMP environmentsEliminate the risk of cleanroom cross-contamination

Viable air samplers are used for quantitative determination of airborne contamination in cleanrooms and isolators. To maintain the cleanliness of the environment, the air flow should neither disturb the unidirectional air flow nor pose a contamination risk to the environment.

As portable air samplers are sometimes moved and used in various environments with different levels of microbial contamination, there might be a risk of cross-contamination from higher to low contaminated environments.

Microbial air sampling in ISO class 5 GMP grade A environments

The MAS-100 NT® is specified for use in ISO Class 5/ GMP Grade A environments and is equipped with a brushless motor which generates a minimal quantity of particles, so that no filter is required even for GMP Grade A usage. If instruments are used in different cleanroom classes, there is a minor risk that particles may be carried over inside an instrument. In this case, a HEPA H13 exhaust air particle filter can be mounted to give you peace of mind.

Eliminate particle carry-over using our MAS-100 NT® viable air sampler with HEPA air exhaust filter

To prevent any potential transfer of particles from inside the instrument, an air outlet filter adapter was developed to add a HEPA H13 filter to the exhaust. The filter has no significant influence on the airflow calibration and therefore on the microbial sampling efficiency. In addition, stressing the filter for a simulated year of heavy usage in an uncontrolled environment does not reduce the filtration efficiency and won’t clog the filter.

MAS-100 NT & accessories


For more information and to discuss with our specialists how to eliminate the risk of cleanroom cross-contamination, please click here.

MAS-100 CG Ex® compressed gas microbial air sampler

The MAS-100 CG Ex® system is the only compressed gas microbial air sampler approved for use in zone 2 explosion hazard areas, making compressed gas sampling safe, easy and accurate. Collect samples under gas pressure and gradual decompression prevents damage to microorganisms.

  • Sampling at two constant flow rates: 100 L/min, or 50 L/min for low flow applications
  • Fully automated decompression cycle
  • Pre-programmed for a range of different gases