Sterility Testing by Membrane Filtration

Steritest™ EZ Filtration Devices

For filterable pharmaceutical products, the membrane filtration sterility test is the industry standard, particularly where samples can inhibit microbial growth (e.g. for bacteriostatic, fungistatic compounds or where preservatives have been added). Our closed Steritest™ EZ devices are supplied with detailed certificates of quality, with data gained from rigorous in-process and release testing. The membrane and canisters are also subjected to stringent integrity and microbiological tests.

Steritest™ EZ devices are color-coded for easy identification:

  • Blue base for regular pharmaceutical products
  • Red base for products with inhibitory properties e.g. antibiotics
  • Green base for solvents, creams, ointments and veterinary injectables

Flexible to fit your needs and minimize false results:

  • The closed system reduces the risk of false positives.
  • The elimination of bacteriostatic, bacteriocidal, or fungistatic agents help to remove the risk of false negatives.
  • Configure the Steritest™ to your needs – tailor to your sample, packaging and testing environment.

Sterility testing member filtration


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