Dehydrated Culture Media

Traditional dehydrated culture media

The superior granulation technology of our traditional dehydrated culture media meets the highest industry performance standards, while guaranteeing that our products provide maximum convenience and safety.

Media granulation minimizes the formation of dust, significantly reducing the dangers associated with fine dust and toxic substance inhalation, for a safer work environment.

Advantages of our granulated culture media:

  • Excellent wettability, solubility and free-flowing properties
  • Minimized component separation and clumping, even under warm or humid conditions
  • High batch-to-batch reproducibility
  • Prolonged shelf life of up to five years
  • Granulation allows for inclusion of many supplements, eliminating the need to add these separately

The animal components we use for our media (except some derived from milk) are exclusively sourced from TSE/BSE-free countries and are in accordance with the highest safety standards.


GranuCult® granulated culture media: ISO 11133:2014 compliant

GranuCult® granulated culture media: ISO 11133:2014 compliantOur GranuCult® low-dust dehydrated culture media granules are compliant with EN ISO 11133:2014 standards, as well as other ISO standards and FDA-BAM and USDA-FSIS methods for food and water sample testing.

Based on a unique granulation technology, our GranuCult® media has superior flow and non-stick properties preventing component separation and clumping.

  • Easy, fast media preparation
  • Free-flowing helps ensure accurate weight
  • High reproducibility and low error rates
  • Minimized airborne particles for safety

Our GranuCult® media are released through an EN ISO / IEC 17025 accredited Quality Control lab. Compliance is clearly visible on the product label and all test strains are listed in the certificate of analysis.

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Readybag® media format

Readybag® media formatEven meticulously planned microbiological testing workflows can be disrupted when the number of samples increases, or staff is unavailable. Our pre-weighed and gamma-irradiated Readybag® granulated media pouches speed up and simplify your food pathogen testing routines. With our single-use Readybag® Buffered Peptone Water and Half FRASER broth pouches, there is:

  • no weighing
  • no autoclaving
  • no supplement handling and
  • no need for extra lab space or equipment
  • regulatory compliance in accordance to various international standards

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Studies / Application Notes  
Evaluation of irradiation influence of culture media on growth promotion and buffer capacity. Download
Evaluation of the stability of Half Fraser broth prepared from gamma-irradiated Readybag® Half FRASER pouches. Download
Evaluation of the stability of Buffered Peptone Water prepared from gamma-irradiated Readybag® Buffered Peptone Water pouches. Download

ChromoCult® chromogenic media

Chromogenic media can provide a rapid alternative method for detecting certain microorganisms. The chromogenic substrates used confer clearly distinguishable colors to different colony types, allowing clear differentiation and identification of the microorganisms. Our ChromoCult® media can be used to detect a range of microorganisms including Listeria monocytogenes, Cronobacter spp., E. coli and coliforms and if listed in international standards, they are quality controlled with the same regulatory comprehensiveness as GranuCult® media.

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Culture media quality control and regulatory compliance

Our new all-in-one certificates contain information for GranuCult® and several media to help support you during audits and lab inspections.

  • Easy visibility of compliance on new product label and Certificate of Analysis
  • Indication test strains with both WDCM and ATCC numbers for test strains as listed in regulatory standards
  • The number of test strains in our QC procedures exceeds regulatory demands

Culture media supplements and additives

Many types of media require supplements or additives such as antibiotics, glycerol or Tergitol™ to ensure optimal growth of the microorganisms. For ease of opening, our supplements are provided with a user-friendly screw cap and a separate rubber stopper closure. They are also freeze-dried so that no hazardous substances or aerosols are inhaled when opening.

Traditional culture media to cover all your for detection, enumeration or confirmation needs: Aeromonas, Alicyclobacillus, Anaerobic bacteria, Antibiotic residues, Bacillus, Bifidobacteria, Brucella, Campylobacter, Clostridia & Sulfite reducing anaerobes, Coliforms, E. coli, Enterobacteriaceae, Enterococci, Lactobacilli, Lipolytic & Proteolytic organisms, Listeria, Pseudomonas, Staphylococci, Salmonella, Shigella, Streptococci, Total Viable Organisms, Vibrio, Yeasts & Molds, Yersinia.