Traditional Surface and Liquid Monitoring

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Envirocheck Contact


We provide a wide range of solutions for surface, personnel and liquid testing, which are critical to ensure that your production plants are clean and the contamination risk of products and processes is minimized. For monitoring the efficiency of disinfection routines, proven methods and easy-to-use testing solutions are available for standard and curved surfaces as well as difficult to access areas. We offer a wide range of traditional agar media solutions such as ready-to-use contact plates, contact slides as well as swabs, each being suited to different surface types. Our Envirocheck dip slides, for semi-quantitative detection of microorganisms on surfaces and in liquids, are flexible paddles that are coated with different nutrient media. After sampling and incubation, the results of side A and side B allow any of five parameters to be determined, depending on the slide used. Envirocheck dip slides are available for a range of tests including E. coli, coliforms, yeast and molds, disinfection control etc.