Glyphosate Analysis Using SUPELCOSIL SAX1

Reporter EU Volume 18

Glyphosate (N -(phosphonomethyl) glycine) is among the most widely used herbicide in the United States and is marketed under such brand names as Roundup®, Rodeo®, Sonic® and Glifonox®. Common uses include control of broadleaf weeds and grasses in hay pastures, soybeans, field corn, ornamentals, lawns, turf, forest plantings, greenhouses and rights-of-way.Glyphosate is regulated by the US Environmental Protection Agency, which limits the amount that is acceptable in drinking water. EPA Method 547 is used for the determination of glyphosate in drinking water by direct aqueous injection HPLC, post column derivatization and fluorescence detection. The SUPELCOSILSAX1 HPLC column can be used for this method and has been shown to produce excellent results. The SUPELCOSIL SAX1 HPLC column offers superior resolution, minimal column bleed and is composed of non-fluorescing silica, which produces little to no baseline interference.

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