Introducing Supelco® Glass-Fritted Thermal Desorption Tubes with Barcode

By: Kristen Schultz, Jamie Brown, Reporter EU Volume 41

Kristen Schultz and Jamie Brown

Supelco now offers glass-fritted thermal desorption tubes in the dimension 0.25" (6.35 mm) O.D. x 3.5" (89 mm) length for DANI, Markes, OI Analytical, and Shimadzu Instruments. These tubes are specifically designed to fit any thermal desorber accepting these tube dimensions. In addition to the glass frit at the inlet, each tube is preconditioned, sealed in a TDS3 storage container, and supplied with a unique code-128 barcode. The barcode can easily be read through the TDS3 storage container. The final product is QA tested and packaged in a new field-friendly box.

It is a well-documented problem in thermal desorption that glass wool plugs at the inlet have a tendency to blow out of the tube and into the instrument, resulting in sample loss, lost instrument time, contamination of the thermal desorber and instrument repair. Glass frits fused at the optimum position at the inlet prevent this problem from occurring. Other advantages of the glass frit are:

  • Optimised position at the inlet maintains the adsorbent(s) in the instruments heated zone. (More consistent recovery of higher molecular weight compounds.)
  • Consistent back pressure from tube to tube.
  • Adsorbent(s) bed(s) stay(s) intact, provide longer serviceable life of the tubes and prevents channeling during sampling.

Note: Over multiple uses, the glass-frit will darken but this does not affect the performance of the tube.

A new feature is the addition of a unique barcode, which is easily scanned with any standard barcode reader. If you do not have a barcode reader, the unique number can be located directly underneath the barcode and manually entered into your system. Having the barcode standard on every tube streamlines sample processing, from tube receipt/inventory to deployment and sampling in the field, and to the final steps of sample processing, analysis and reporting. It also reduces errors due to unreadable tube markings or mistakes when manually transferring the number. Our barcode is Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and can be integrated into your workflow like other products you currently process with a barcode.

All tubes are preconditioned and QA tested to ensure conformance with our high-quality standards. As the world leader in carbon adsorbent technology, and with over 20 years of expertise in thermal desorption tube manufacturing and applications, our goal is to ensure you receive the highest-quality product.

Each tube is sealed in our TDS³ storage container after thermal conditioning,to preserve the conditioned integrity of the adsorbents. The TDS³ system is unique to Supelco and is an alternative to brass Swagelok® end-fittings, which require tooling for both sealing and removal. The TDS³ storage container does not require any tooling, eliminates internal dead volume, minimises the risk of contamination from outside sources, and protects the tubes from damage. Another benefit we often hear from our customers is that the tubes are lighter in weight without the Swagelok end-fittings and are easier to transport because they are not weighted at the ends. The TDS³ Storage Container System is well tested in the market, with over 15 years of use in various other Supelco thermal desorption tube products for GERSTEL® and Dynatherm instruments, and is available for all TD tube sizes.

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